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This is Jeremy Monteiro's online store, operated by Showtime Productions Pte. Ltd.

Here you can buy the lovely J. Monteiro Luxury Watches, CDs by Jeremy and other artists on the Jazznote Label and other items that will be released for sale going forward.

The new Jeremy Monteiro CD "Montage" will be released on 3rd October 2016. Please pre-order the CD here for delivery in October. 


Please pre-order and pre-purchase here at the Early Bird price of $608 (shipping not included). Normal price is $750 once they are released.

The watches ship on November 16 2016. 

Pre-order now at special early bird price to avoid disappointment.  

"Creative thought can be directed into whatever endeavour we choose. Working on this project has allowed me to find another way, along with music, to channel my creative energy."

- Jeremy Monteiro -